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LP – Hydrojetting

$650 Hydrojetting Special

Take advantage of this drain cleaning deal to get your drains moving quickly and reclaim your peace of mind.

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Drain Cleaning Solutions In Monterey

What Is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is an ultra-effective drain-cleaning technique that dislodges even the toughest blockages. Our plumbers insert a small hose into your drain and push a powerful stream of water through your plumbing system. The steady pressure of the water will chip away at any debris while keeping your pipes safe!
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Benefits Of Hydrojetting

There are many options when it comes to ridding your home of pesky drain clogs. Whether you can’t wash dishes because your kitchen sink won’t drain, or you’re used to showering with an inch of water around your feet — we’ve got your back. Hydrojetting is a fantastic solution to quickly wash away clogs and blockages, and it’s only $650 with After Hour!

It also creates a few perks when compared to manual or chemical drain removal.

Pipe-Safe Drain Cleaning

Most chemical drain cleaners you can find in your local store are actually extremely bad for your pipes, your safety and the environment. To eat through buildups of hair, grease and soap scum, these chemicals have to be very harsh. This means they can damage the interior of your pipes and affect the environment as they wash out with the water.

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High Success Rate

Hydrojetting has a much higher success rate than any other drain cleaning technique. Chemical cleaners often eat a hole through the center of the blockage, but they don’t remove the entire thing. Hydrojetting ensures the entire clog is removed, giving you long-lasting results.

Fast Relief

If you’ve already been slaving away with a drain snake that won’t solve the issue, speed is a major perk of hydrojetting. With one thin hose and a few minutes of professional service, you can reclaim your kitchen or bathroom function!

Schedule Your $650 Hydrojetting Service Today!

With speed, simplicity and clarity, the hydrojetting process is unmatched. Clear out old clogs, maintain your plumbing and get back the confidence in your home today. Call on After Hour Plumbing & Drain to claim your affordable $650 hydrojetting service!
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