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LP – Water Heater Installation

$100 Off A New Water Heater

Ready for a new water heater? Partner with After Hour and receive $100 off your Monterey water heater installation!

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When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

Like every home system, your water heater won’t last forever. Depending on the unit that’s serving your home, your system may last anywhere from 10-20 years. Thankfully, when your system starts to show signs that it can’t keep up anymore, you have a solution. Make your water heater replacement easy this year with $100 off our stellar service!
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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

If your water heater has served your home for many years, it can be difficult to determine when you should call it quits and invest in a full replacement. As your system ages, it will begin to show signs of reduced performance. If you or a professional can identify these symptoms, you’ll be able to decide on a water heater replacement before it’s an emergency.

No Hot Water

It may seem silly, but many homeowners simply suffer through lukewarm water rather than consider a unit replacement. If your water heater isn’t producing hot water or is frequently running out of hot water, it’s time to consider a unit that’s more capable and suited to your needs.

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Reduced Water Quality

Especially for tanked water heaters, water quality quickly begins to deteriorate when your system ages. Foul odors, strange colors and unpleasant tastes are some of the most common complaints about reduced water quality in Monterey. If you notice these symptoms, call on an expert right away.

High Energy Bills

The older your water heater gets, the more energy it will take to produce the same amount of hot water. If you notice an increase in your home’s energy usage over the months, it may be due to an inefficient water heating system.

It’s Time For Reliable Hot Water!

You deserve hot water at your fingertips. Whether it’s for showering, cleaning dishes, washing hands or anything else, it’s time to be confident in your water heater again. With $100 off your next water heater installation, After Hour Plumbing & Drain is the best option in Monterey!
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24/7 Emergency Plumbing

Day or night, our emergency plumbing team answers your call!
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Drain Cleaning

From clogs to scale to foul smells, we’ll wash it all away!
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Water Leak Detection & Repair

Stop escaping water in its tracks with pro leak detection!
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