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Gas Line Services In Monterey

Natural gas is a relatively safe source of energy that provides around half of the United States with heat and electricity. Having properly functioning gas lines is incredibly important. Having a flaw in your gas lines can mean the difference between casually frying an egg and accidentally frying an entire section of your home.

Just like we understand the importance of plumbing, the folks here at After Hour Plumbing & Drain understand just how important your home’s gas lines are, and we’re striving to be your leading authority in natural gas line services.

Whether it’s inspection, repair or replacement, we’re qualified to do it all and are trained to do it with the highest standards possible. Gas is incredibly flammable and dangerous, and we are confident in our abilities and guarantee you can trust us with all things concerning your gas needs.

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Signs Of A Gas Leak

A gas leak is not something to be taken lightly. Firstly, if you suspect your home may have a gas leak, it’s important to immediately shut off the main gas line to prevent any more gas from escaping.

There are a few preventative measures and signs you can look out for to ensure the most amount of safety when dealing with natural gas.

  • Install a natural gas detector — By far one of the most effective safety measures you can take when using gas is to buy a sensor. These devices are essential when using gas to detect the early signs of a leak.
  • Keep your ear open for unexplained whistling or hissing noises — These noises can signal gas escaping from a fault in your line.
  • Learn what natural gas smells like — While raw natural gas has no odor, an added chemical gives most of the gas used in homes that trademark “rotten egg” smell.

Again, If you suspect your home may have a gas leak turn off the line before reading any article on the internet. To be extra cautious, you may need to leave the area until a professional can assist you. If you do turn out to have a leak, don’t hesitate to call us and have one of our professionals come inspect it today

Gas Leak Repair

If your home does have a gas leak, our plumbers are fully qualified to assess the situation, locate the leak and offer the best solution for your situation. Most gas line leak repairs involve simply replacing the segment of the line that is causing the problem or fixing a faulty joint or connection and are fairly simple jobs to do.

Here are the most common areas that our plumbers have to fix leaks:

  • Gas riser leaks — This is the pipe that comes out of the ground and connects the supply to the meter.
  • Gas pressure regulator leaks
  • Fireplace valves
  • All joints and fittings

As you can see, like any pressurized system, most issues occur at the places where components are fitted together or points of least resistance. However, If your gas line situation is more serious, from age or poor insulation, there are cases where outright replacement makes the most sense. Fortunately, we have you covered!

Gas Line Replacement

Unfortunately, gas lines don’t last forever. While you should expect at least 30 years from properly installed gas pipes, there are many factors that dictate how long you’ll actually get. Having to replace any major component of your home can be daunting and expensive. Luckily, After Hour Plumbing & Drain is prepared to be as helpful as possible when these big moments come.

Offering the most exceptional Monterey gas line replacement backed by a wall of guarantees, we can promise a fair assessment of your gas pipe situation and the most honest pricing on the market.

Trust After Hour With Your Gas Power

No matter what your situation requires After Hour Plumbing & Drain is guaranteed to have the solution for your gas line needs. We only offer the highest quality of gas repair and replacement services and treat every job like our entire reputation depends on it. If you feel like your gas line is in need of professional servicing, don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote today!

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