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What Should I Do While I Wait For An Emergency Plumber?

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Your plumbing system doesn’t always operate on your schedule! Most homeowners will experience the wrath of a plumbing emergency at some point, many of which require the help of an emergency plumber. From a burst pipe to no hot water, the problem can be solved by a reliable technician. While you wait for assistance, you can perform a few helpful tasks in the meantime! 

After Hour Plumbing & Drain offers 24-hour plumbing services that benefit your Monterey home! Our experts want to help you get the most from your system and fixtures. Read ahead to learn what to do while waiting for an emergency plumber.

What To Do With A Leak While Waiting For A Plumber

A leak from your plumbing system is a slippery situation. It’s also one that no homeowner wants to experience! When scheduling an emergency leak repair service, there are a few crucial steps you can undergo to prepare for the process.

Turn Off Your Water Supply

Before doing anything, shut off your water supply to minimize water waste! Locate the main water valve near your water meter and turn it off. Interrupting the flow will reduce the water flowing through your pipes, reducing the damage as much as possible.

Drain The Lines

After turning off your supply, you’ll want to drain the lines of any residual liquid. This excess water can cause water damage and continue to leak. Turn on the hoses in your yard and the faucets inside your home. This process will allow the remaining water to drain from your system.

Locate The Leak

Before an emergency plumber arrives at your home, you can attempt to locate the source of a water leak. Look for signs of water damage or wet spots along your floors and walls. Discovering the problem area will minimize the risk of deterioration. However, leave the repair process to a licensed professional!

Preparing Your Home For Emergency Plumbing Leak Repair 

An emergency plumbing repair almost always happens when you least expect it. When one appears out of nowhere, there are a few helpful measures you can take to prepare your home for the service. 

Remove Standing Water

Standing water can leave your home looking like a swimming pool! Instead of waiting for a plumber, clean any excess water from your floors. Removing the liquid will protect your home from damage and reduce the risk of slipping.

Move Furniture To A Dry Area

Water can ruin the quality of your furniture. The fluid may destroy the material, causing you to replace these beautiful home pieces. Move chairs, tables and other furniture to a dry spot in your residence. Doing this will protect your decor and help your house feel like a home!

Document Your Home With Pictures And Notes

Pictures aren’t just for making memories! While waiting for your plumber, document your emergency issue by taking photos and detailed notes. These images and information will help you as you file an insurance claim.

Emergency Plumbers Monterey Residents Can Trust!

Emergency plumbing problems can put a damper on your day, both literally and figuratively. After Hour Plumbing & Drain is here to help you navigate any unexpected issues with your plumbing fixtures! With years of experience under our belt, you can expect long-lasting solutions that benefit your home. Contact us today to schedule your next 24/7 repair service!

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