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5 Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Your Home’s Selling Value

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If you’re planning to put your house on the market or looking to improve its value for your present or future goals, plumbing upgrades can be a great way to raise its selling value! When it comes to selling your home, you can attract prospective buyers when your fixtures are functional, efficient and reliable.

After Hour Plumbing & Drain is here to provide dependable Monterey plumbing services. We’re here to share our expert knowledge to help improve your home’s selling value. Regardless of your budget, there are several options available to make your house attractive to buyers.

Here are five plumbing upgrades you can consider to raise the selling value of your home:

Water Heater Replacement And Repair 

Your water heater is one of the most important fixtures in your residence. Because it supplies hot water to your home, a working system is what allows you to wash your dishes, take warm showers, do your laundry and much more. A faulty or outdated unit is the last thing a potential buyer wants to see. 

Keeping your water heater in good condition is vital, both for your selling value and for the general livability of your house. Your water heater may be in need of a replacement if you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • Your water heater is older than 15 years.
  • Water stains or leaks are present around the unit.
  • Your utility bill is higher than usual.
  • The system is making odd noises.
  • You have low water pressure.

The best way to assess the condition of your system is to contact a professional. After Hour Plumbing & Drain can provide water heater replacement and repair with our 24-hour repair services. Your Monterey property may benefit more from one type of heater over another. Professional insight is the easiest way to determine which type is best for your residence.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen is often where the magic happens in any household. However, leaky pipes or strange odors are an easy way to deter potential buyers. If you are experiencing these problems, or other issues such as low water pressure, then your home’s selling value is being dragged down! Call a professional to provide the necessary repairs.

Directly upgrading your kitchen is a healthy choice for your selling value. Whether you install new and improved fixtures or add a versatile pull-out faucet to your kitchen sink, keeping your kitchen functional is sure to impress buyers. Our team is ready to provide installation and repairs to make sure your kitchen meets the mark.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing

Like your kitchen, keeping your home’s bathroom functional is crucial, especially when a potential household buyer is involved. Ignoring problems with your toilet, shower or bathtub will turn away buyers and create additional expenses in the future. Every fixture in your bathroom will require an eventual replacement. Whether it be your tub or your porcelain throne, consider making the upgrade to keep your space attractive.

Another way to raise your selling value is to install a second bathroom. While it’s valuable for its own reasons, a second bathroom is a luxury for many. Your household’s value can greatly benefit from a second installation. After all, no one wants to be kept waiting while someone else holds up the bathroom!

Bring Your Piping System Up-To-Date

Residential buyers want to live somewhere that promises longevity, so a residence with out-of-date piping at risk of breaking down is sure to turn them away. The best way to remedy this is by finding out the material of your pipes and considering a modern replacement.

Your house might contain older piping that can easily corrode, such as lead, clay or cast iron. These materials pose health and convenience risks for homeowners. Copper and PEX pipes, for instance, are the ideal alternative. They are healthier both for the homeowner and for the longevity of the house itself.

If you’re interested in upgrading and saving time and money on future repairs, call our team to bring your home’s piping up to modern standards.

Maintain Green Building Practices

These days, environment-friendly, low-carbon-footprint households are becoming more attractive to buyers. A house that’s eco-friendly is not only better for the environment, but also less taxing on utility costs. If you want to impress prospective buyers, consider the following eco-friendly suggestions:

  • Find installations that have been Energy Star-certified to show prospective buyers that your house is energy-efficient.
  • Consider low-flow fixtures that reduce unnecessary water usage.
  • Install a tankless water heater to reduce energy losses.

These simple household additions are an efficient way to boost your residential value. Our experts are here to help keep your living space energy efficient with top-tier fixtures!

Don’t Wait, Upgrade Today

Looking into plumbing upgrades as early as possible is a surefire way to reduce long-term costs and increase the selling value of your house. After Hour Plumbing & Drain can help you with this and your other Monterey plumbing needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your household fixtures, contact us today!

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