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Sewer Camera Inspections

Let our pros take a peek in the dark lines of your sewer!

Sewer Camera Inspections In Monterey, CA

The inside of a sewer line is at the top of a short list of places most people would prefer to never see. It’s a sewer line, we generally know what’s there, and we don’t want to see it.

Unfortunately, some plumbing issues and sewer line problems can only be addressed by first getting eyes on the problem. When duty calls, the professionals here at After Hour Plumbing & Drain are fully prepared to peek into these dark unspeakable places and are equipped with the technology to make it easy.

With state-of-the-art snake cameras, After Hour has the technology to remotely inspect the insides of your sewer lines, diagnose the problem and implement the most effective solution possible. Striving to become an industry leader, we guarantee that we provide the highest standard of Monterey sewer camera inspection possible!

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When To Consider A Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are convenient in situations where sewer issues are starting to seem chronic and are a necessary inspection in some processes of valuing real estate. While most pipe issues can be fixed with a simple plunge — or at most a skilled hand and a long snake tool — some instances clearly need a more direct approach. These situations are where camera inspection shines.

With a camera inspection, our plumbers will be able to visually identify why issues are so persistent and will be able to offer a solution that should stop the problem at the source. Some of the most common reasons you may want to consider a visual inspection are:

The Problematic Pipes Are Old

Most of the pipe systems that end up needing a visual camera inspection tend to be older. By the simple nature of being in service longer, older pipes tend to have a much longer time to accumulate sediment and debris which could make chronic clogging an easy possibility.

In addition, homes built before the middle of the 20th century tended to use building and construction practices that have long since been updated and replaced. If you have an older home, there’s a chance that a visual inspection could detect an issue you didn’t know you had and save you thousands in potential future repairs.

Chronic Sewer Backup Issues

As stated above, one of the biggest advantages of having access to a camera inspection system is being able to pinpoint an exact reason for an ongoing issue that plunging just doesn’t seem to fix. You may want to consider a camera inspection if you regularly deal with any of the following:

  • Regularly clogged toilets or drains
  • Slowly flushing toilets
  • Constant bad smell coming from drains
  • Slowly draining sinks that bubble as they drain
  • Standing water or unexpected lush areas of the yard

If you’re dealing with any of these issues on a regular basis, and the tried and true plunger and snake aren’t seeming to address the problem, then don’t hesitate to call After Hour Plumbing & Drain to come out, assess the situation and provide a free quote. You’ll know exactly how much it will cost to have us look in the places you never want to see. We strive to be your go-to plumbing solution and provide the best drain and sewer inspection around.

Let After Hour Look Into The Darkness, So You Never Have To

If you feel like you might benefit from a sewer camera inspection, don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling today! One of the worst things you can do when facing a plumbing problem is let it persist and get worse.

Get ahead of the damages and call After Hour Plumbing & Drain so you can get the best Monterey sewer camera inspection possible by professionals you can rely on and backed by guarantees you can trust. Whether you’re looking to alleviate chronic clogging issues that are costing you thousands or are needing a professional sewer lateral report to further your real estate goals, call us today!

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