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Sewage and sanitation are something humans have been thinking about since literally the dawn of civilization. Anywhere you have a lot of humans, you’re also going to have a lot of waste, and it’s easy to take for granted the out-of-sight, out-of-mind nature of today’s modern sewage system.

One of the best features of modern sewage is that, unless we need a setting for a fantastic story involving turtles doing martial arts, we generally don’t have to think about it. It’s efficiently designed to neatly carry the waste products of civilization quietly under our feet, protecting us from the stench of our more base requirements as humans.

Unfortunately, everything breaks, including the components that make up our sewer system. When the worst happens and your home’s sewer lines are in need of repair or replacement, there’s no one more qualified than the professionals here at After Hour Plumbing & Drain.

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Common Sewer Line Problems

Depending on the materials used, the sewer line attached to your home should have a lifespan between 60 and 100 years. When installed properly and well maintained, the common sewer line issues that our professionals encounter fall within a small range. The most common issues our professionals encounter are:

  • Pipe corrosion/Damage – This is the most common sewer-line issue that needs to be addressed and is generally caused over time by the general erosion of running water flowing through a metal pipe.
  • Obstructions – Occasionally, tree roots and other natural obstructions can damage and cause large issues with your home’s sewer connections.
  • Shifting Pipes – This is caused when the ground your pipes are buried in shifts for some reason. This can be caused by water erosion, earthquakes or any number of natural phenomena.

No matter the issue, whether it’s one of the common scenarios given above or damage caused by a freak disaster beyond explanation, we guarantee that our professionals are qualified to assess the situation and provide the most reliable plumbing services!

Signs Of Sewer-line Damage

The early signs of sewer-line damage can be subtle and show up in places you wouldn’t expect. It’s completely possible for a damaged line to have no effect whatsoever on the actual plumbing system it’s attached to. Instead, damage appears in other ways:

  • Flooding in yard or crawlspaces
  • Fowl smells coming from the yard or around the base of the home
  • Slow or blocked drainage in the home
  • Water damage on floor or baseboards

If you notice any of these signs, or for any reason feel that your home’s sewer line and connections may not be performing up to standard, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at After Hour Plumbing & Drain to address any concerns you may have.

We’re committed to providing the most consistent Monterey sewer line repair & installation possible. We provide a wide range of services and options which include trenchless repair options and sewer line rehabilitation.

Let After Hour Plumbing & Drain Solve Your Sewer Situation

From a clogged toilet to a clogged sewer line, After Hour Plumbing & Drain is here to provide anything you could possibly need when it comes to your sewage or plumbing system. We’re here 24/7 with the knowledge and resources you would expect from an industry leader in Monterey plumbing.

We strive to build a customer base of loyal, long-term customers with honest work you can count on. We strive to be masters in all things plumbing. From the ground up, sewer lines to shower heads, consider After Hour Plumbing & Drain for all of your plumbing needs!

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