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When To Have Your Seismic Valve Reset

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Here in California, earthquakes are pretty common. Due to the nearby San Andreas Fault, Southern California is especially prone to quakes, experiencing about 10,000 a year. In response to such frequent earthquakes, state building codes began requiring all buildings to have installed a seismic valve, also known as an earthquake shut-off valve.

However, many residents are unaware of the purpose of such valves and why they must be reset after an earthquake. Thankfully, After Hour Plumbing & Drain is here to supply California homeowners with the knowledge and services necessary to ensure our community’s gas lines are operating as they should. Read on to learn more about your home’s seismic valves and the importance of resetting them.

What Is A Seismic Valve Reset?

A seismic valve attaches to your home’s gas meter. In the event of an earthquake, the valve will automatically close, shutting off the natural gas that flows into your home through your pipes.

The valve is triggered to shut off when it detects an earthquake of significant magnitude or when damage to your pipes occurs. It will then stay shut off until it’s manually reset.

Although homeowners can reset the valve independently, professionals are trained to perform the reset correctly and safely. They will also inspect your gas lines and system to verify if they need repairing before proceeding with the reset.

Why A Seismic Valve Reset After Earthquakes Is Important

Earthquakes of a considerable magnitude have the ability to break gas line pipes. Damage to these pipes can lead to dangerous gas leaks. Gas leaks are especially hazardous inside structures like your home because they trap the gas, allowing it to build up.

Highly flammable and poisonous gas leaks can start a fire or even trigger an explosion. By cutting off the flow of natural gas into your home, seismic valves reduce the risk of an earthquake-related gas leak and the fires or explosions they can cause.

After experiencing an earthquake near you, most likely, your first instinct is to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Seismic valves allow you to focus on your family’s well-being without having to worry about your home’s gas line. Once conditions are safe again, your valve will need to be manually reset.

Resetting the valve allows natural gas to flow through your pipes and into your home once again. If your home relies heavily on natural gas, such as for heating or cooking, it’s important that your seismic valve is reset as soon as possible.

Reach Out During Or After Hours

Your neighbors at After Hour Plumbing & Drain care about the safety and needs of our community. Our team of fully-licensed and certified technicians provides thorough inspections, repairs and valve resets. We ensure your home and, most importantly, your family is safe.

Our customers are our main priority, so we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have an emergency service request after scheduled office hours, it is best to give us a call, as response time is faster!

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